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Once upon a time there were a few cows that went to eat grass in a forest every day. One day as they were going back home one of them became tired and fell behind. The evening, came and she could not find her way back, so she decided to hide in a cave near the road.

Once upon a time there was a chief who had a beautiful daughter. Many young men wanted to marry her, but the chief thought: "They are not very good for my daughter."
Fire and Rain wanted to marry her, too. Rain came to the chiefs daughter and said, "Will you marry me, oh daughter of the Chief?"

There once lived a man with his wife. They were very poor and always hungry. The man often went to the forest, but he was a bad hunter and sometimes brought home only a small bird.

A certain father had two sons, the elder of whom was smart and sensible, and could do everything, but the younger was stupid and could neither learn nor understand anything, and when people saw him they said, "There’s a fellow who will give his father some trouble!”

There once lived a man and his wife, who had long wished for a child, but in vain. Now there was at the back of their house a little window which overlooked a beautiful garden full of the finest vegetables and flowers; but there was a high wall all round it, and no one ventured into it, for it belonged to a witch of great might, and of whom all the world was afraid.